In this episode, Chris Masterjohn interviews Angela McArdle on strategies to defeat the mandates. McArdle is the current chair of the Los Angeles Libertarian Party and is spearheading an effort to amend the New York City charter to prohibit the mayor from making mandates.

We discuss the ethics of mandates, steelmanning the case in favor of them, and then justifying our opposition to them. We discuss strategies to defeat them, as well as strategies for employees to keep their jobs when faced with them.

Angela has worked as a paralegal and legal aid for over eleven years.  Angela currently works in litigation and also has a private practice where she provides self help legal services to low income clients. The bulk of Angela’s practices focuses on real estate and constitutional law.

She was a key organizer for the Los Angeles 2013 protest against a ban on feeding in public rights of way, which was a major obstacle to feeding the homeless. 

Angela received her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University in 2009 and a Paralegal Certificate from UCLA Extension in 2013.  Angela is also trained as a craniosacral therapist through the Upledger Institute. 

She believes strongly in the sanctity of personal choice and allowing people to govern their own lives.

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Important Links

Visit her web site at and follow her on twitter @angela4LNCChair

Time Stamps

00:45 George Washington's smallpox mandate

02:45 McArdle's background in law and natural health

09:05 Test negative case control studies are a scam, same with RCTs without inert placebos

13:38 The ethics of mandates

25:22 Amending the city's charter

30:33 Changing the hearts and minds of the people

38:10 Voting with your feet: to move, or to stay and fight?

46:07 Connecting with people on an emotional level; city council meetings; changing the hearts and minds of reporters

49:46 The role of protests and rallies

56:52 Restaurant sit-ins

1:05:10 Call banking businesses

1:07:54 Perceptions of the sit-ins

1:11:16 Different ways individuals can get involved

1:12:26 Persuading the police

1:17:02 What to do if your job is threatened

1:23:12 If we don't stop this now, what's the end game?

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  1. Please investigate the question of “air-borne pathogens.” In the 1918 flu, there were many experiments to try to understand how the flu was transmitted from one person to another. They COULD NOT MAKE IT HAPPEN! There were other similar experiments in the early 20th century examining the same thing with other illnesses, with similar results. In talking about legal strategies, I think that is a very important avenue to pursue, in addition to the fraudulent vaccine efficacy numbers that Chris mentioned. This is the original write-up of a number of those 1918 experiments:–experiments-upon-volunteers-to-determine-the-cause-and-mode?page=root;rgn=full+text;size=125;view=image

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