How to Tell the Difference Between Calcium and Vitamin D Deficiency

How to Tell the Difference Between Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiencies

Vitamin D deficiency and calcium deficiency look very similar, and poorly interpreted blood tests can easily mislead us into taking the wrong supplements. Here's how to tell them apart.

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  1. I have recently been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency and have been prescribed one tablet a week for at least 3 months. I have also had several calcium related kidney stones in the past 40 years. Is there any correlation between vitamin d supplements and calcium related stones??

  2. What calcium supplement would you recommend? I have genes that dont tolerate diary anti-bodies and i cant stand the taste of goat cheese and eating enough brussel sprouts and what not is tough day to day.

    Any recommendation would be great!

  3. Ian confused for vit c and d it is similar for immune system bones and teeth, Is it important to me to continue 500 mg vit c I have had a total thyroidectomy 4 yrs ago I also take vit d 1000iu, vit c have side effect hot flash, headache, faint, backache .

  4. Cell wall deficient bacteria like mycoplasma and a form of Lyme can inhibit conversion of 1,25 to 25 OH vitamin D leading to a large “spread” between the two numbers so this is also something I consider when interpreting. Thank you.

  5. Hi Chris- This is awesome information. I am a bit confused though, when I get my blood work done they test for Calcium and Vit D. What is that number telling me verse the PTH test and calcitriol blood test.

  6. Thank you for this! I have posted it on Facebook because I see too many people getting only their 25 OH D levels measured by the doctor. When I tell them to get their calcitriol levels measured they stare at me blankly. Having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition, I have come to learn that often there is a reason the body is keeping The 25 OHD levels low and there is reason to believe there is a polymorphism in the vitamin D receptor in auto immune disease. Even though my vitamin D levels tested low and the doctor wanted me to get them up higher, I have found out repeatedly that attempting to do that gives me terrible symptoms that not even magnesium will help.
    However, I did not realize that it could also mean that calcium is low and that the parathyroid also needs to be checked to get the full picture

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