What if my vitamin D is normal, but my PTH is high?

Analia Camarasa asked this question on Facebook:

Ever since you’ve mentioned PTH on your podcast we’ve been measuring it in the office. It’s nice to see that when patients come in on high doses of D supplementation their PTH is maximally suppressed, as it should be. I wish you could talk about the outliers briefly, normal D at 31 ng/mL and PTH outside of the range eating a healthy WAP diet, for example.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I find the subject of vitamin D confusing.

    I suffer from Crohn’s disease – limited to my colon. I tested my D status last Winter to see if low levels could somehow be contributing to my inflammation.

    Anyway, the tests came back normal at 106nmol/L.

    This really surprised me as I hadn’t been getting much sunlight, don’t see any significant sources in my diet and I don’t supplement.

    Is this genetics playing its hand?

    Kind regards,


  2. My levels of calcium and vitamin D are normal. My pth level is 169, very high. The specialist seems in no hurry to do anything about it, my next appointment to talk about what to do is in a month. Am I overreacting or do I need to worry? I’m having problems remembering things, no appetite for 2 years now and my belly sunddly swole up 2 years ago. Eating healthy and exercise was a lifestyle for me, then all of a sudden I was weak, muscles hurt, touching me feels like I’m bruised. My hair and nails because brittle and hair falling out. I have a flaky dry patches that form on my scalp, my joints hurt and I’m now 234 pounds. I’m 42, 5’5 fight just to sit up in bed, tie my shoes. Help please!!!

    1. What specialist? I am not a specialist. You should see an endocrinologist and if you need to find an alternative doctor who will follow it up.

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