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Do you have trouble sleeping, or wish you felt more rested and energized during the day?

Glycine might be one of the best things you can try. It doesn’t just have a calming effect, but it improves sleep quality and can make you feel more rested even on the same amount of sleep. In this episode, I discuss how to use glycine for better sleep and why you should consider both free glycine and hydrolyzed collagen.

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  1. I didn’t have any expectations concerning that title, but the more I was astonished. The author did a great job. I spent a few minutes reading and checking the facts. Everything is very clear and understandable. I like posts that fill in your knowledge gaps. This one is of the sort.

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  3. What does an intolerance of glycine, point to? Even at extremely small doses the fatigue, sleepiness, brain fog and general ill feeling can last for a few days.

  4. I started taking glycine a few days ago, 1.8 g before bed. My sleep is much better. I always had a sleep problem, now worst after a few years of stressful work.
    After the few days of great sleep, I wanted to know more about glycine and landed on your article.
    I see in the comments, there are varying doses, from 3 mg to 20-30 mg. Why?
    Does the body build up tolerance to it, thus need to increase the dosage?
    Any side effects of taking too much?
    Any effects on insulin and/or blood sugar?

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  6. Hi, does that also mean you should not eat glycine during the day as it would make you tired? I am currently putting 10-15g in my morning smoothie next to some collagen. Thanks

    1. It could, but overall no. Glycine is a raw material that your body uses as a neurotransmitter in a controlled fashion, not a drug.

  7. Unfortunately, my initial dramatic results for slow-wave sleep with 3g was not repeated, even after going up to 4g. Not sure how high to go before looking elsewhere for the answer.

  8. I took gelatin powder religiously each night before bed (without food, or sometimes just after a late meal) for a couple years. At first it seemed to really help my severe chronic insomnia. I even saw that when I took more, up to 4 T, my sleep improved even more. But then at a certain point, after probably 1.5 years, I completely lost my ability to fall asleep, whereas before my insomnia had been characterized by my night ending around 2 – 3 am. I suffered from even more extreme sleep deprivation before finally recognizing that it was my precious gelatin causing this new problem. I stopped and was able to fall asleep again, though of course my insomnia was not totally solved.

    I was using the NOW brand. I still have lots of it and have tried incorporating some back in at meals with meat, but I still seem to have a terrible reaction. I have bad sleep in general that varies a lot, so it’s hard to be sure, but I never had a good night after trying it and I’m afraid to try again. Is it likely the glutamate? Have I built up an intolerance?

    I do, however, try to consume lots of gelatinous bone broth. It doesn’t cause a bad reaction and definitely helps my sleep. What do you think, Dr. Masterjohn? Should I try a different brand of gelatin? Should I purchase glycine? Sometimes I run out of my broth and I don’t like being without it.

  9. My first few weeks of glycine involved a certain amount of pain. I almost stopped, but it did seem to help with sleep, and the pain passed within half an hour to an hour at most.

    Does anyone know if glycine would promote any kind of detoxification (or does that kind of thing require a complete protein? ) or do anything to clear-up infections? It seems some of the pain was associated with having a lot of cysts come to a head and drain spontaneously, with no intervention other than maybe heat for the discomfort. I’ve also had a long standing UT(I?) problem (tested negative for infection but was dark and cloudy and smelly) I was about to ask the doctor for a retest when that spontaneously resolved and everything looks ok for the first time in years.

    Now I’m having a lot less pain and am able to take a full 3 grams or more a day and the only place I’m having pain after is the site where, coincidentally (?) I know I have a vascularized lipoma. I don’t want to delude myself: maybe the previous stuff was unrelated and nothing to do with the glycine. Or maybe a little bit more sleep gave my system the resources to finally deal with these low grade problems. Either way it would be great if that thing started to get better as they say it’s in a location right between organs where surgical scars could leave me with more pain than it causes now, so best to just live with it.

    Trying not to hope but curious if anyone else has similar experiences.

    1. I really don’t know how to explain that. Perhaps increased collagen turnover is leading to tissue remodeling in your problem spots.

  10. I tried this for the first time last night, hoping to increase the time I spend in deep sleep. Most nights I fall asleep quickly and get a solid 7-8 hours, but only 20-30 minutes of it is spent in deep sleep, according to my Oura ring.
    After taking 3 gs of glycine at bedtime, I tossed and turned for much longer than usual, and decided it was a failed experiment. But this morning I saw that out of 6 hours total sleep time, I spent 1 hour and 46 minutes in deep sleep – more than twice my highest recorded. Now curious as to whether long term glycine supplementation could have harmful effects (?)

  11. Thank you, Chris, for your inspiring ang helpful vids. Now I sleep much better. I’m going to share this info to my friends from essay writing service in Montreal. People from all over the world should know about you. Also do you know that in 2008 scientists discovered the glycine-like molecule in space? This is really interesting fact.

    1. This is a very interesting and unusual way to deal with problems with sleep. I usually sleep on the Internet. I study the top app review sites, although they say that the phone should be discarded a few hours before bedtime. Your research is impressive with its novelty and unconventional approach. Nowhere in other sources did I find such information. Thank you.

  12. I get middle ear muscle spams when taking hydrolyzed collagen. It sometimes lasts for days. Very annoying. I think it has to do with the glutamic acid broken down to less than 5000 daltons, but honestly I’m not sure what the real cause is, but somehow the glutamic acid overstimulates my CNS.

  13. Thank you for the great information. Is it possible for someone to be affected by a strong cup of coffee (taken around 10:30 am) later in the evening? I had begun supplementing with glycine before bed, finding that 12-20g left me feeling well rested, having memorable dreams, and sleeping 8 hours… but this was during a short period of drinking decaf in the mornings. I’ve been waking up during the 4 am hour for about 8 months now… have always drank a cup or two of coffee before noon. Yesterday morning, I broke with the decaf (my house was out, but did have caffeinated), and that night had very restless sleep, and was awake again at 4 am. I will forgo caffeine for life if it meant better sleep.

  14. I’ve found I sleep better with a warm bed/room rather than when it’s cool, any idea why cool is often recommended?

    Since glycine can be made by the body is there any concern that supplementing with it, may cause the body to produce less naturally? I see this warning with the hormone Melatonin, saying that anything more than .3ug may impair the pineal gland from producing it naturally.

    I typically fall asleep immediately, but wake up after 4 hours, unable to sleep more. Is there a way to delay the effects of glycine?

    Peter Attia mentions that phosphatidyleserine drops may help sleep disorders associated with stress/cortisol issues… or that taking 500mg-3g of the GABA precursor/activator Taurine may help.. L-theanine is also said to be anxiolytic.

    There was also a good Smart Drug Smarts episode (#90) with Dan Pardi that talks about one of these natural GABA metabolites, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB).. apparently a controlled substance, along with other ingredients in his sleep cocktail, L-Trytophan, GABA (as phGABA), 5-Hydroxytrytophan.

    Finally, any thoughts on herbal sleep supplements? Lemon Balm, lavender, valerian, Skull Cap, Kava, Chamamile, Passion Flower?

    There was a interesting Google Talk on sleep by Meir Kryger, but unfortunately very short on practical advice.

  15. Hi Chris,

    Is there any difference between gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen? I’ve bought both from Great Lakes and have been using them interchangeably, always with my morning coffee and evening herbal tea. I read somewhere gelatin was more useful to repair the gut (but some people had a harder time to digest it).


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