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Achy joints? Tendon pain? Just looking to stay youthful forever?

Taking 15 grams of collagen before your workout, maybe with a little vitamin C, can do wonders for your tendon health. Your tendons aren’t that metabolically active and they don’t vacuum up what they need as actively as your muscles do. Getting the collagen peptides into your bloodstream before your workout makes them available to your tendons when your workout starts pumping blood directly into all the nooks and crannies where those shy little tendons are found.

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  1. Thank you for this information. Do you believe that the fat pad in the heel can absorb collagen like tendons and ligaments? I have fat pad degeneration, and as it comprises collagen too I am curious to know if taking this could be of benefit.
    Many thanks

  2. Thanks for this information. If I wanted to just supplement glycine instead of collagen would I get the same benefit? Or do I need to supplement proline and/or other co-factors as well. I am an aging tennis player and my tendons are my achilles heel! Collagen is high in arginine which is a trigger for cold sores. Also, in 15 grams of collagen there are about 6 grams of glycine? Thanks.

    1. It’s unknown. I think you would get some of the benefit but for collagen synthesis the collagen peptides are better than glycine powder.

  3. Thanks for boiling down this info. But can you tell me: does it matter whether the collagen is type I, II or III? When I went to buy Great Lakes collagen, many of the online comments said that for joint health, you need type II whereas Great Lakes is type I.

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