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Got blood sugar problems? Glycine might help!

3-5 grams of glycine before a meal helps stabilize your blood sugar after the meal, and 15 grams a day every day helps improve long-term blood sugar stability in type 2 diabetes. Watch this video for the best way to implement this strategy.

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  1. I am not diabetic. I have low blood sugar and low blood pressure. Will the glycine cause the blood sugar to drop too low??? I’m only using it at bedtime for last 3 nights and have felt very weak and unable to hardly function during the day. I’m trying it because I’ve had chronic insomnia for three and a half years with all sleep studies being inconclusive and nothing helps and believe me I’ve tried everything out there including prescription meds. I currently take Restoril which only gives me about 2-3 hours before I start waking. I’ve recorded myself waking as many as 15 times a night.
    Thanks, Maggie

  2. Glycine makes me WORSE. Everytime I take some (lower than 500mg!) I get a panic attack! I don’t know if it causes an increase in dopamine or adrenaline. I am so frustrated that everyone seems to do well on glycine except me! Can somebody enlighten me? I’m at my wit’s end.

    1. Hi, Chris said some people did well and some didn’t. Did you try just the collagen powder? it has glycine in it. I use Great Lakes.

      1. Hi Meera, thanks for your reply. I do better with collagen powders and protein powders than Glycine on its own.

        I’ve been searching for the reason of this bad reaction to Glycine. I am going to share what I have found for the benefit of whoever ends up in my same situation:

        In some cases Glycine actually increases GLUTAMATE. Meaning, instead of inducing an inhibitory response in the body (ie. calming), the body has a paradoxal reaction and causes an excitory response instead (agitation).

        This would explain why some people feel more anxiety with GABA. According to some theories, this points towards a Leaky Blood Brain Barrier.

        I hope this piece of information can be of help to whoever is on the hunt for answers.

  3. I took glycine supplements & discovered that it lifts brain fog as well. But I did read somewhere on the Internet that glycine supplements are a possible cancer risk.

  4. This really works! Thanks so much Chris. My blood sugars really spike after a high carb meal and this allows me to occasionally enjoy some old favorites without thinking I’m permanently damaging myself with 160-180+ readings.

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