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Can you get vitamin A from plant foods? It depends on your genes.

Watch this video to learn how to figure out your BCO1 genetics and how this impacts your vitamin A requirement.

Vitamin A is found in the form of carotenoids in red, orange, yellow, and green vegetables, and in the form of retinol in animal foods, especially liver. BCO1 helps you convert the carotenoids to retinol, which is the form you need to have in your body to be healthy. Many of us have genetic impairments in BCO1. In fact, for genetic reasons alone, if you took 100 of us, half of us would make the conversion less than half as well as the other half. A quarter of us would have our ability to make the conversion slashed four-fold.

But it isn’t *all* about genetics. There are many other factors — thyroid health, iron, protein, zinc, vitamin E, parasites, oxidative stress, heavy metals, polyunsaturated fats — the list just goes on and on for the things that can affect this conversion. Knowing your genes is helpful, but only one piece of the puzzle.

Watch the video for how I recommend handling this.

I recommend testing your BCO1 genes with StrateGene, which you can get here:

For more information on how to get the StrateGene report, watch this video:

For 5 Ways to Eat Enough Liver, watch this video:

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  1. It seems that vitamin A supplement makes me feel agitated. Country life vitamin A and D3 (10,000 & 400 IU). Any thoughts?

  2. Hey Chris,

    The Strategene report emphasizes the effects on women. I wonder how much impact BCO1 mutations have on men?

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