Why does salt raise blood pressure in some people? This video explains it. You can protect against this effect by getting enough potassium, something few people do. Other minerals, like calcium and magnesium, are important. It’s also important to maintain a healthy body composition, physical activity routine, to manage stress properly, and avoid excessive alcohol intake.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for this topic!!
    Can you give some information for people struggle with low blood pressure (hypotension)? I’m 45 years old. I put salt in my water and try to drink 2-3 litres per day. It’s better👍 I eat Paleo without eggs (try lowering glutamate (hormonal migraine)). My doctor told me to live with it. Any suggestions??
    Thank you!
    Marie-Noël Séguin
    Québec, Canada😀

  2. For me, it’s the magnesium. If I neglect to take my daily magnesium supplement (250mg from a mixture of magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide, with 1.6mg of vitamin B6) for a week, my systolic bp might go up by as much as 10mmHg or more. Sodium doesn’t seem to have such a direct impact.

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for the fantastic content as always.
    I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 15years ago and have been taking medication to control it. I do not know my family history as I am adopted but I had a DNA Fit test carried out and it identified the following:
    Your genetic tests reveals that you have the “I/I” and Met/Thr genotype and therefore a possible predisposition to hypertension when salt (specifically sodium) consumption is excessive.
    I do not have a particularly high salt intake and have been following a paleo type diet for the last two years.
    Over this time my blood pressure has never changed and I still need to take my medication.
    Given the above should I be concerned about my sodium and potassium intake?
    Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

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