When I was in Greece this August, I didn’t have any allergies at first, but then they started acting up, and they kept getting worse throughout my trip. I thought it was from the local environment, but when I woke up with conjunctivitis in the last week I looked back and realized my diet had been very deficient in vitamin A while I was there. Vitamin A deficiency can be an important cause of allergies, and if you suffer from allergies you should consider your vitamin A status.

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  1. Could supplementing with 50,000 IU of Retinol Palmitate cause slepiness/fatigue? I took it for my histamine intolerance and noticed fatigue afterwards.

  2. Hi Dr. Masterjohn,

    Do you have links to the mast cell research? It would help me with a paper I’m working on. Thanks so much!

    1. I don’t have them handy but you should find them pretty quickly with a pubmed search as there is not much on the interaction.

  3. Vitamin A alleviates my multiple chemical sensitivity symptoms to a great extent, i would almost call it a cure for MCS. However it also blurs my vision to such a degree I couldn’t legally drive, and it causes extreme brainfog for me, chronic fatigue, and joint pain. Some people have told me this might because of a vit A – vit D inbalance but increasing sun exposure and vit D intake both from food and supplements made no difference.

    1. Asking me to address whether “vitamin A is a toxin” is like asking me to refute a flat earth argument.

    2. I hope you will look at the ggeneroux site and not just dismiss it. I was a firm believer in the WAP point of view too until I got very sick from taking vitamin A. It is very toxic and very hard to get rid of when you have too much stored.

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