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Got histamine intolerance? Here are two supplements that could help.

Tune in to learn which ones to use!

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  1. Hello Chris,
    I have Gaucher’s Disease. Are you familiar with it? I have recently found out about histamine intolerance. I believe I’m suffering with this. It certainly does explain a lot.
    Please let me know if you do know about Gaucher’s and if you are able to help me with supplementation.
    Thank you

  2. Finding out why I have been getting eye stabbing migraines before menstruation, ovulation for the last 8 years is amazing! I just purchased Codeage Grass Fed Beef Kidney and HistaResistTM Histamine Blocker for Histamine Intolerance – DAO Enzyme Supplement by Vitamonk. I didn’t get the SEEKING HEALTH supplement because it has SHELLAC in it, very toxic and not needed. I will be trying these the day before my estrogen levels drop. I am finding it difficult to find fresh kindey in my area of Bend, Oregon. I may try a local butcher if I can find one. Not one practitioner has ever mentioned where my migraines may be coming from and am very excited to nip these in the bud since the migraines seriously make my quality of life decrease. They are SO DEBILITATING! I went raw food vegan years ago, then after 2 years just went whole food vegan, over 1 year ago I went Paleo and recently completely cut-out all sugars (paleo-keto). I will be cutting out all aged foods (sad face) like sauerkraut, grass-fed aged cheeses, and apple cider vinegar during these days to avoid the histamines. Will keep you posted.

    1. I was wondering about migraines. In the middle of one. How does histamine effect estrogen? Or how do you think these supplements will help the migraines?

  3. You mention to take Ancestral Supplements raw kidney extract for DAO. Do you actually have anything which proves that it contains DAO, as I’ve not seen that before?

    Is there any research which shows what a kidney glandular contains please?

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