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Is alcohol good for you?

It’s clear to me that 1) alcohol is a toxin and 2) it can help with having fun, which is good for you, but in this episode I consider whether some dose of alcohol might actually be fundamentally good for you. I discuss three ways this might work and what the optimal dose might be, as well as sharing a story of how I used alcohol to help clear up a fungal infection.

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This is the episode on alcohol and histamine that was mentioned:

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  1. Your info is out of date. The idea of improving mortality by consuming 1-2 drinks/d has been debunked. The original retrospective study that purported to demonstrate such was flawed. See The American J of Medicine, 2016:
    “Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Not Associated with Reduced All-cause Mortality”
    Robert Goulden, MBBS, MSc, MPhil, MA
    Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; Royal Liverpool University
    Hospital, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

  2. I have found the little 20 ml Jäger mini meister bottles to be very health promoting. They have the same amount of alcohol as half a beer. It is still considered a medicinal drink in Germany.

    (And it might be in your best interest to keep free transcripts on these pages. Not everyone would click on a video.)

    1. Sure it might, but I still can write on my blog for the readers, and there’s no way to draw on objective line on what to charge and what to offer for free. If I offer everything for free, I go out of business fast. If I offer nothing for free, no one knows who I am. Whether the transcripts should be free or not is just something that has to be tested.

  3. I have a similar take on the issue as you do as far as alcohol is a toxin (intoxication right). Drinking in moderation is fun. A change in consciousness is a way of not being stuck with your same old self all the time. Cannabis can take care of the consciousness shift and it’s not a toxin. But, alcohol is a different high and paring food with wine can be a real gourmet experience. “Drunk” is a word I never use when I drink but 2 glasses of wine will have me feeling good. I confine my drinking to Friday, Saturday and Sunday each and every week. My body is usually full of antioxidants at the time and I always have some food like cheese (fat) before I drink.

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