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Here’s a 7-step protocol to tackle histamine intolerance.

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  1. I started itching tremendously in april just in my hands and feet. Now it starts with my scalp and neck soon as i wake up. And goes to my face where i get hives from scratching. Also my neck and arms whelp up from scratching. And it flares up more often, So i find myself taking Allergy Relief capsules pretty much on a regular. Any suggestions please.

  2. Hi Chris, I have struggled with family genetic mental illness most of my life. Within the last few years I found a practioner who diagnosed me with undermthylation/high histamine after my blood results came back showing my whole blood histamine way above normal. I then took the supplements he told me to take every day to lower the histamine which include vitamin A, C, D, B6, magnesium, SAMe etc. Unfortunately within about 6 months or so my whole blood histamine was even higher than when I started the supplements to the point of causing ecezma on my foot which is still here after over a year of not being on the supplements I was prescribed (I have never struggled with eczema). I have a couple theories about why this happened. The first is that vitamin B6 can increase HDC (histidine decarboxylase) which then increases histamine in the body. Also based on my genetic report it shows that I am fine in DAO (diamine oxidase) yet homozygous in HNMT (histamine -N -methyltransferase). Unfortunately there is not much information about how to strengthen HNMT which I believe has something to do with why i got worse and not better. I even tried a low histamine diet as well as dao enzyme for months with no improvement. This illness has taken over my life completley. I have researched this extensively for a long time. Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful as to why my histamine went up and how I can reverse this (make it go down)?

  3. Hi Chris

    Thank you for a really informative video. I struggled for a long time with eating tomatoes eggplants spinach and other histamine rich foods. Then I was hospitalised with a sudden acute pancreatitis attack with amylase elevation. I also have terrible PMS / PMDD. I understand estrogen histamine and pancreas may be linked.

    I wondered if you could help me with an action plan to lower histamine to manage my Pancreatitis and PMS?


  4. Dear Chris lm really suffering besides Mast Cell activation Syndrome l have full blown inflammation. But you see my body reacts to everything. Even environment. I need help. Everyone tells me something different. I’m at a loss l have no quality of life. I’m isolated from everything. And everyone. Please can you offer any help.

    1. Hi, I can’t help on the basis of that information. There are too many causes of inflammation and hypersensitivities, and that isn’t really within my expertise.

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