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Does methylfolate make you angry or depressed?

Tune in to hear what I think is going on and what to do about it.

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  1. What do you think of Dr. William Walsh’s clinical experience that folate will make some people with depression much worse?

  2. Also, it’s worth putting up here for others that after developing a very severe B vitamin deficiency (after a large course of gut antibiotics for SIBO), methylfolate alone would *not* treat my folate deficiency. The methylfolate doses I hear about sound very extreme to me. This stuff is extremely strong, and has to be taken in low doses and ramped up over time.

    Methyolfate alone is not enough to be healthy, at least for me. I am quite sure of this. I had to also add in plain folic acid while recovering too. Once I did I immediately felt significantly better. I needed both, for sure.

    I believe very strongly, after this experience, that very few if any doctors actually really understand any of this stuff at a deep level. Few if any of them have ever actually recovered themselves from a very severe B vitamin deficiency. It’s not easy, and it’s risky.

    I had to very slowly reboot my methylation, then work on my other B deficiencies. Thiamine deficiency is the worst, and has been very hard to correct. I am still working on that. Before the antibiotics I never had any issues with B vitamins.

  3. I started taking 400 mcg methlfolate a day, then have moved up 800 mcg a day for the last three days. My current dose is 4400 mcgs a day. I take 800 mcgs throughought the day. At first when I take a pill I feel this intense calmness, but then I feel agitation after about 30 minutes. I plan on lowering my dose because of your video. Does what I am describing sound like what you talked in your video? What is up with the initial benzo like effect?

  4. How does creatine fit into the mix? Also, I tried the link and the company is out of stock of the product and can’t get more of the formulation until they find a new supplier.

  5. This is exactly what I had to do after developing a severe B vitamin deficiency after healing from SIBO (and antibiotic treatment). Regular doses of methylfolate (like 400mcg) would give me unbeatable, terrible insomnia. So I dropped down to around 20mcg/day of liquid methylfolate/B12, then very slowly over months increased the daily dose.

    It worked, and now I can tolerate around 150-175mcg/day. Any more than this and I get insomnia, and it’s unclear to me if I can go above this amount.

  6. I have had trouble tolerating methlfolate due to a snp inCOMT catechol methyl folate. I eventually found calcium folinate also known as folinic acid. This helped resolve all the methylation irregularities that showed in serum testing in the past. Do you think the work on methylation genetics is generally useful Chris?

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