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Will collagen supplements bonk your serotonin and make you depressed or anxious?

Tune in for my response to an article that Trudy Scott, author of The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution,  wrote about this over at “Every Woman Over 29” blog.

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Trudy Scott’s article:

My episode on why collagen shouldn’t replace other protein:

How GABA and glycine can sometimes have a stimulatory effect:

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  1. I came to this article trying to find out what the heck is happening to me. Last week I started taking collagen and within 1 day I was feeling incredibly depressed and it wouldn’t subside. I get plenty of animal protein daily and take hydrolyzed whey protein as well so it was not a replacement. I got sidetracked and didn’t take collagen for a couple days and was feeling a little better but last night i took it again and again this morning, within a few hours I was in the dumps again. At that point I started wondering about a possible connection. Seems pretty obvious to me at this point. I like what I’m reading about the possible benefits of collagen so I’ll try adding Tryptophan and see if it helps but if not, I’m done with this stuff – I feel terrible

  2. I do not even know how I stopped up here, but I believed this submit was once
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  3. Interesting. I mentioned in your earlier post that glycine/collagen makes me depressed (I tried pure glycine, magnesium glycinate [Doctor’s Best], and Hydrolyzed Collagen), so this is useful. I’m starting to think though that isolated amino acids in general are a problem for me (1). I react the same way to Leucine.

    Maybe glycine/collagen can still reduce serotonin by decreasing bioavailablity of more important amino acids, especially if consumed with multiple meals or not fasted (2):

    “Considering that the casein/gelatin mixture (4:1 of protein content) has sufficient indispensable amino acid content, as well as high digestibility, this mixture could be expected to have protein quality close to that of casein. However, this study showed that gelatin negatively influenced the protein quality of the casein/gelatin mixture. One possible explanation for this result could be the high contents of some dispensable amino acids in gelatin, such as glycine. During the protein absorption by the amino acid transport system, glycine (like other amino acids) has affinity for more than one carrier in the intestinal brush border. Therefore, molecules with a similar chemical structure compete for the same carrier. As a result, the absorption of some indispensable amino acids can be impaired due to the excess of dispensable amino acids, which reduces the bioavailability of indispensable amino acid…“

    (1) Oral branched-chain amino acid supplements that reduce brain serotonin during exercise in rats also lower brain catecholamines

    (2) Hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin) decreases food efficiency and the bioavailability of high-quality protein in rats

  4. I am curious of the glyphosate levels in glycie and collagen products as well. I have heard that glyphosate accumulates in the glycine receptors and soft tissues of animals that consume it due to their similar chemical signatures. I don’t know if this is true but just what I heard….

    I have been using Bulk Supplements Glycine powder about 3 tspns per day since hearing your panel about glycine deficiency last year. I looked into the sourcing of this product and they say it is synthetically made but has no glyphosate residue upon testing. It is manufactured in China which is already sketchy but should I trust this brand?

    Also, I’ve noticed my blood pressure is lower since using glycine consistently. I feel good and relaxed overall and even sleep better but my blood pressure seems to be lower than at any point in my life. Not in dangerous territory but maybe like 110/70 or a little lower on most occassions. Just want to make sure I am not overdoing it perhaps or knocking something else off balance.

    I tried glutamine powder once but got an immediate headache so was too scared to try it again. Does this mean I don’t tolerate it well or something was off at the time? This was a few years ago and it was a very small dose.

    Thanks for all your great content!

    1. 110/70 sounds great!

      I’ll try to look into that company more.

      You’d have to see whether the glutamine effect is replicable to know whether it is you or it was the time.

  5. When Trudy says, “Or are the negative effects some people experienced due to glutamates, arginine, histamine, because of quality issues and glyphosate levels, an increase in oxalates, or something else such as not eating enough animal protein.” I got uneasy. I use Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate and although the package says pasture raised and grass fed, it doesn’t say organic – Now I have questions about if anyone would need to spray round up on the pasture. I am trying hard to avoid glycophosphate.

    Yes – make a protein bar. I want to trust my food.

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