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Here’s how and why I use alpha-GPC and ginkgo biloba supplements during periods where I need increased focused concentration. Tune in for the details!

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For a collection of my dopamine and choline resources, see where they are collected together with my methylation resources.

Here is a science paper documenting the different plants that contain acetylcholinesterase inhibitors:

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Suppose one was to take Alpha GPC at a dose of 300mg daily as a maintenance dose to meet the 550mg daily target for choline; since it is not a higher dose like taken 2-4x a day, would you still recommend cycling?

    1. I’d experiment and see what is best for you. If you *always* feel acetylcholine deficient, then you might be better off taking it all the time. But if you usually feel great and you use this to create an abnormal boost in mental function, you should probably cycle.

  2. So are we likely to develop tolerance for the lecithin too and should we cycle it so as to prevent the effects from wearing off?

    1. I am curious of this as well but I believe he will state that it is less effective than Alpha GPC and is probably similar to what others have used that caused a fishy odor at higher dosages.

      1. Fishy oder is from TMA, and while I’m not convinced that TMAO causes heart disease it strikes me as rather unwise to use supplements that generate a lot of it rather than supplements that generate less and give better results.

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