Chris Masterjohn, PhD shares new trends with Vitamin K2

Chris Masterjohn, PhD shares new trends with Vitamin K2

Yesterday I introduced The Ultimate Vitamin K2 Resource. In episode 29 of the podcast, I've extracted from the resource the latest developments and elaborated on them for a more in-depth discussion. I begin by telling the story of my 2007 activator X article. What do I still stand by? What do I see differently? And then I carry us right up through some of the most recent developments as things continue to evolve now.

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Show Notes for Episode 29

In this episode, you'll find all the following and more:

  •      0:09:20   Introducing the Ultimate Vitamin K2 Resource
  •      0:17:50    The story leading up to the 2007 activator X article.
  •      0:25:10    The division between vitamins K1 (phylloquinone) and K2 (menaquinone) is misleadingly simplistic, from both a chemistry perspective and a health perspective. The discovery of MK-4 as a product of animal synthesis hinted at this a half century ago; the more recent discovery of tetrahydromenaquinones, which chemically fit halfway into each category, makes this clear now; that MK-4 has unique effects on gene expression and that short-chain and long-chain MKs have very different tissue distributions make it clear that different forms of “K2” are at least as different from one another as they are from K1.
  •      0:44:50   The content of vitamin K in some foods may be grossly underestimated because tetrahydro-MKs have been ignored.
  •      0:49:50   MK-10 and MK-11 in pork products. Are they from poop? How bioavailable are they? Do they have specific roles in the mitochondria?
  •      0:59:01    I finally weigh in on MK-4 vs. MK-7 with the long-winded rant it has for so long deserved.
  •      1:26:50    The conversion of other K vitamins to MK-4: we now know that it is not only genetically variable, but it is also epigenetically variable, dependent on zinc and magnesium, and inhibited by lipophilic statins used to treat high cholesterol and nitrogenous bisphosphonates used to treat osteoporosis.
  •      1:33:30    MK-4, gene expression, sex hormones and cancer.
  •      1:41:04     Undercarboxylated osteocalcin: more controversial than it needs to be, but a bone-derived hormone that not only promotes leanness, a high metabolic rate, blood sugar stability, insulin sensitivity, and fertility, but we also now know to be necessary for energy utilization during exercise.
  •      1:55:04     What's the optimal dose of vitamin K2?
  •      1:59:16     Uncommon side effects of supplementation and a physiological rationale to explain them.
  •      2:06:40   The minimal effective dose to receive the maximum desired effect.

The Ultimate Vitamin K2 Resource

References and links to related material for this episode can all be found at this super-awesome thing:

The Ultimate Vitamin K2 Resource

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  1. Thanks, Chris, this is highly informative and appreciated! One question that seems not to have been discussed above is the cis-trans isomerism of menaquinones and its effect on bioavailability and bioactivity. Is it true that only trans-menaquinones have the desired effect on the body?

    1. Hi Zoltan, click open the “comprehensive review of supplements” and it is discussed there.

  2. What are your thoughts about using the Thorne K2 oil to obtain high doses of K2 as part of a program to reduce calcium deposits in arteries?

  3. I really enjoy listening to your podcast and reading all your articles. Please continue this important work. Thank you!

  4. thre is studies showing 1mg k1/day can maximaly carboxylate osteocalcin.

    there is a trial showing few leafs of lettuce increase bone density is women.

    primates main source of vitamin k is k1.

    my imperession is that k1 absorbs to tissues better than mk4 , and we are good at converting k1 to mk4.

    there are a lot of atheletic people that dont have butter or other k2 foods in their diet, yet they have good bones.all they have is some salads with good k1 content.

    other nutrient that is important is manganese , essential for osteocalcin production.

  5. Read the article the other day and now get to listen to same subject matter on the podcast. Wonderful. Appreciate the links as well. Seems anxiety separation from academia shall be limited.

      1. Which podcast of 2016 talks about polyphenols and smoke from campfires having polyphenols having a effect as well as polyphenols connected to fruit and vegetables?

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