Where should I buy my chicken products? | Masterjohn Q&A Files #132

Question: Where should I buy my chicken products?

You may have local options. And a good place to look for local options would be eatwild.com. I’m assuming it’s still up. That was a great database and probably still is a great database of pasture-raised products of any type. Not just chicken. And then of course, there are the mail order companies that I have exclusive discounts with inside the Masterpass program, most of which sell chicken products.

So, White Oak Pastures, North Star Bison who focuses on bison but I believe they have chicken also. And U.S. Wellness whereas  chicken might not be their main thing, I’m pretty sure they have chicken. Generally those companies, even if they don’t advertise themselves as mainly being about chicken, they usually will have some chicken.

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