What’s the difference between the NADH/NAD+ and the NADPH/NADH ratios? | Masterjohn Q&A Files #179

Question: What’s the difference between the NADH/NAD+ and the NADPH/NADH ratios?

So the NADH to NAD ratio and the NAD pH to NADP plus ratio are things that are having real consequences as ratios and biochemistry that are dictating what's going on in our body. The NAD pH to NADH ratio is physiologically irrelevant, but is used as a biomarker of niacin status. So if you look at a biochemistry textbook, that's telling you how things work in the body you're going to see constant references to the NADH to NAD ratio or the NAD pH NADP plus ratio. And you're never going to see any reference to the NAD pH to NADH ratio.

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