Why is methylfolate the off-switch for the glycine buffer system? | Masterjohn Q&A Files #239

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Question: Why is methylfolate the off-switch for the glycine buffer system?

The reason is that generally in the fed state, you have lots of incoming methionine. And so you have an excess of SAMe in the fed state. In the fasting state, you have no incoming methyl groups from diet, and therefore the fasted state is the low-methylation state. So fed state, high methylation state, fasted state, low methylation state. You basically shut off MTHFR in the fed state, because in the fed state, which is a high methylation state, the incoming methionine makes you not need any MTHFR activity. 

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  1. My Doc just put me on an initial dose of Folate-5mg. Wants to up more. Should I be adjusting any other “B”s ratios?

    You have really helped me the last year Dr. Chris. I hope to return the blessing someday.

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