Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium

The premium version of Vitamins and Minerals 101 allows much easier navigation and organization of the lessons, immediate access to the first 29 lessons rather than getting one a day, plus a private discussion group that I participate in five days a week where you can ask questions, leave comments, or start discussions.

Vitamins and Minerals 101 premium costs only $30 for lifetime access and is available for free to active holders of the CMJ Masterpass. From now until the book version is published (which will be soon after it is clear that the COVID-19 crisis has finally settled), I'm offering it for free to anyone who pre-orders the Vitamins and Minerals 101 book, which you can order for as little as $15.

Immediately upon signing up, you'll get the following:

  • A private discussion group where there is a discussion forum for each lesson. I will participate several days per week.
  • Immediate access to the first 29 out of 30 lessons (the last three are still being made), all neatly organized within a dashboard, instead of getting one per day sent by email or Facebook message.
  • Keyword search across the lessons. This is a great way, for example, to see all the lessons where I mention a specific diet, like carnivore, vegan, l0w-fat, or paleo; to see all the lessons where I've mentioned a specific food, like nutritional yeast, liver, or kale; to cross-reference all the lessons where I've mentioned one nutrient influencing another; or to find something you remember me discussing but can't remember where.
  • Downloadable PDFs in two versions. One has page numbers and a table of contents that references the page numbers; the other has links where you can click to navigate to each section. This allows you to read the lessons while offline, and it allows you to keyword search and navigate much more easily than those only enrolled in the email or Facebook Messenger versions of the class.
  • Click through subsections of each lesson on the web site. Again, much easier navigation. This is especially useful if you are looking for something specific in a lesson you've already read, or if you prefer to always skip to certain locations, such as the conclusions or the food recommendations.
  • All the lessons are neatly organized in a single location.
One more feature will be rolled out soon:
  • Later in the year, I will start rolling out quizzes for each lesson, as well as quizzes for the overall content that will require you to compare and contrast concepts in different lessons. This will help you master the information in a way that you can't when you are only reading.

There are three ways to get access to Vitamins and Minerals 101:

  • Purchase it individually for $30 (available once the book launches).
  • Purchase a CMJ Masterpass membership and use the code 101PREMIUM for a 10% lifetime discount, which works out to $13.50 per month or $108 per year. As long as you stay an active member, you will get V&M 101 Premium, as well as premium features on all of my audio video content (such as transcripts, ad-free, and early access), exclusive access to monthly ask me anything sessions conducted live over Zoom, and exclusive discounts on my products and services as well as many other products and services I consider valuable.
  • Get lifetime access for free by pre-ordering the Vitamins and Minerals 101 book for as little as $15.

You can get any of these pre-orders for 30-50% off if you sign up for a CMJ Masterpass membership. If you do, you will lock in lifetime access to the Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium that will persist even if you decide to cancel your Masterpass membership.

You will be able to purchase lifetime access to Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium for $30 once the book is released, but why do that when you can get lifetime access right now for free with a pre-order of the book? This special offer to get Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium for free with a pre-order will only last until the book is published. After that, the two options will be to get access as an active CMJ Masterpass member, or to purchase lifetime access as a standalone for $30. Take advantage of the pre-order offer while it lasts!