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Values are reported as μg/100g food for solids or μg/100 ml food for liquids.


Natto (fermented soy beans)

Hikiwari Natto (chopped natto)

Black Bean Natto

Beef Liver

Blue Cheese (average of four samples)

Curry Powder

Rapeseed Oil

Bovine Liver

Leicester Cheese (hardC-lei)

Pig Liver

Hard Cheeses

Cheese, edam type

Norvegia Cheese (ripened for 90 days)

Gamalost Cheese (ripened for 30 days)

Chicken Liver (conventional, average of two samples)

Little Milk Company Aged Raw Cheese Mature (average of two samples)

Shrimp (wild, average of two samples)

PA Bowen Farmstead Reserve Cheddar (average of two samples)

Buckwheat Bread