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Values are reported as μg/100g food for solids or μg/100 ml food for liquids.

PA Bowen Farmstead Raw Blue Cheese (average of two samples)

Vegetable Oil (mixed)

Soft Cheeses

Cheddar Cheese (hardC-Ched, average of six samples)

Gamalost Cheese (ripened for 10 days)

Little Milk Company Aged Raw Cheese Vintage (average of two samples)

Soft Cheese (average of seven samples)

Cabot Extra Sharp Aged Cheddar (average of two samples)

Gamalost Cheese (ripened for 20 days)

Gamalost Cheese (ripened for 60 days)

Gamalost Cheese (ripened for zero days)

Nature's Promise Organic Sharp Cheddar (average of two samples)

Semi-Hard Cheese (average of 11 samples)

Pike-perch Fish

Pork Steak

PA Bowen Farmstead Raw Cheddar (average of two samples)


Soured Whole Milk

Kraft Processed Cheese Slices (average of two samples)

Mesophilic Fermented Milk (average of 21 samples)