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Values are reported as μg/100g food for solids or μg/100 ml food for liquids.

Whole Eggs (hard-cooked)

Emmental Cheese (average of two samples)

Whole Eggs (fresh)

Whipping Cream

Norvegia Cheese (ripened for 90 days)

Processed Cheese

Raclette Cheese

Appenzeller Cheese (average of two samples)

Hard Cheeses

PA Bowen Farmstead Raw Blue Cheese (average of two samples)

Raw Pig Milk

Raw Dog Milk

Kraft Processed Cheese Slices (average of two samples)

Soft Cheeses

PA Bowen Farmstead Raw Cheddar (average of two samples)

Mozzarella Cheese (low moisture, part skim, shredded)

Cheese, edam type

Ice Cream, Regular Fat (vanilla and chocolate)

Whole Milk

Raw Sheep Milk