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The most useful measures are shown at the top of the list. In addition to total vitamin K2, total vitamin K includes the small amount of vitamin K1 that is present in some of these foods. MK-4 is the form that plays a specific role in regulating gene expression. MK-4 and MK-7 are the two forms that have been studied well and shown to support the activation of vitamin K-dependent proteins produced outside the liver.

Values are reported as μg/100g food for solids or μg/100 ml food for liquids.  NM=Not Measured. ND=Not Detected.

PA Bowen Pasture Fed Egg Yolks (average of two samples)

      • Total Vitamin K2= 37.5
      • Total Vitamin K= 43.1
      • MK-4= 35.2
      • MK-7= 0
      • Sum of MK-4 + MK-7= 35.2
      • MK-5= 1.6
      • MK-6= 0.7
      • MK-8= 0
      • MK-9= 0
      • MK-10= 0
      • MK-11= 0
      • MK-12= 0
      • MK-13= 0
      • Vitamin K1= 5.6
      • Category:  Dairy Foods and Eggs
      • Reference:   Independently analysis provided by VitaK to the Weston A. Price Foundation. Original documentation available at