Did Low-Carb Kill the Lakers?

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  1. The new proponents of keto diet are killing Americans – all in the name of selling harmful supplements and stacks of books containing manufactured and misleading information. Big business at its worst. They are experts at marketing ideas, packing them as “lifestyles” and then monetizing their enterprise through YouTube video advertising dollars, cooks book sales, book deal and paid appearances on television. As convincing ad they are, these people are the lowest of the low, they prey on people, they tell you everything you want to hear, and falsely downplay or disregard the real risks involved.

  2. Dr. Masterjohn. A couple other factors. Kobe didn’t sprain his ankle. He ruptured his achilles which ends most careers. Also team chemistry was horrible and ultimately Byron Scott was fired.

  3. A very interesting analysis Chris. If low-carb may actually not be ideal for professional basketball players then how do you explain LeBron James successful embrace of the low carb keto lifestyle ? Perhaps Kobe’s ankle played more of a role than going low carb.

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