Vitamins and Minerals 101 (FREE 30-DAY COURSE)

Vitamins and Minerals 101

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Vitamins and Minerals 101 (FREE 30-DAY COURSE)

Vitamins and Minerals 101 is a free 29-day course providing one lesson a day on each nutrient, delivered straight to your inbox.

There's also a book coming soon!

Each lesson covers why the nutrient is important to your health, how to know if you have too little, too much, or the wrong balance with other nutrients, how to get it from food, and when you should think about supplementing.

This class is loved by beginners and health professionals alike. Just look through the 60 testimonials below, or follow the link to the >1,700 comments on Facebook, and you will see how much beginners love the simplicity and lack of technical jargon, and how much the health professionals are finding the nuggets they didn't know and the review of what they did know to both be of tremendous professional and personal value.

Meet the Teacher and Author

My name is Chris Masterjohn. I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, and I served as Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College for just under three years before I started teaching independently.

I created the free Vitamins and Minerals 101 course, and, because my students demanded it, I'm turning it into a book.

What Others Are Saying

Check out these 60 testimonials to see how much people from all backgrounds love the class:

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For more, check out the Facebook post, with over 1,700 comments!

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Pre-Order the Book

I'm currently making a book based on this class in paperback, Kindle, and audio formats. There is currently no ETA, but I will announce when ready. Nevertheless, you can pre-order it now. Learn more about the book here:

Pre-Order the Book

Get Premium for Free and the Book 50% Off

Join my inner circle, with monthly live Q&A sessions, free access to all of my ebook guides, and a catalog of courses to level up your understanding of nutrition. With a membership, you get Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium for free, and you get 30% off pre-orders of the paperback version of the book and 50% off pre-orders of the digital version of the book. Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium includes a dashboard with all the lessons in one place, downloadable PDFs, and dedicated forums to discuss each lesson.

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