Members of the CMJ Masterpass now have exclusive access to the following discount: 14.5% off SaunaSpace saunas and accessories. This can save you HUNDREDS of dollars.

Saunas are among the most popular requests for our exclusive discount program, and the first one we have available is SaunaSpace.

SaunaSpace is EMF-free, and its Faraday model even shields you from ambient EMF while you are using it.

SaunaSpace is recommended by several experts, including Chris Kresser, Terry Wahls, Wendy Myers, and Ari Whitten. Here is what Kresser wrote about his experience with SaunaSpace:

“I’m convinced that saunas are one of the most potent tools available to us for optimizing health and extending lifespan. I’ve used many different saunas over the years, including dry saunas and far infrared, but after a single session in the Faraday Sauna, I was converted.

“I believe that near-infrared is the most therapeutic of the sauna options, and I love that Faraday not only doesn’t emit EMF or MF, it blocks out all ambient EMF for a completely ‘clean' detox experience. I’ve noticed benefits in sleep, mood, energy, and overall vitality after just a couple of weeks of using it. I even put my far infrared sauna on Craigslist because I haven’t used it once since I got the SaunaSpace. My wife and 6-year old daughter are also using it and having great results.

“I can’t recommend this product highly enough.”

SaunaSpace offers a 100-day risk-free, money-back trial, with free return shipping in the US and Canada. They offer financing, and they ship globally.

Masterpass members save 14.5% off everything sold by SaunaSpace, the first 5% using a coupon, and the remaining 9.5% as a rebate after we receive the commission.

Because you get a 100-day, risk-free, money-back trial period, the commissions come in within 10 days after the trial is over. We pay you the commissions in full as soon as we have them.

These 14.5% savings amount to $435-$797 off a full sauna unit, $145 off an EMF-free bulb panel that can be used in an existing sauna cabinet, $45.67 off a handheld device, and additional savings on many accessories.

If you really don't want the maximal savings, you can buy SaunaSpace products using this link, and I will earn the commission. However, the savings on a SaunaSpace are far more than a full year of the membership fee, so even if this is the only thing within the program you buy, you would still make out big by purchasing it as an active Masterpass member.

So, I recommend joining the CMJ Masterpass and using the code NEWSLETTER for a 10% discount off the membership fee.

Don't forget, these are the other discounts in the program:

  • $50 off every hourly consultation you book with me, and $25 off every half-hour consultation.
  • 30-50% off pre-orders of my Vitamins and Minerals 101 book.
  • 50% off Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet.
  • 35% off 305 brands of supplements in a dedicated storefront.
  • $56-$89 off a Molekule air filter.
  • 31-46% off Lactigo Performance and Recovery Enhancer
  • 25% back on Perfect Supplements.
  • 28% off BodyHealth.
  • 8-23% off US Wellness meats.
  • 5-37% off Vital Choice seafood.
  • 8% off North Star Bison.
  • 15% back on White Oak Pastures.
  • 23.5% off Dr. Cowan's Garden.
  • 23.5% off Just Thrive probiotics, prebiotics, immune-boosting supplements, and vitamin K2.
  • 28% off Perfect Keto.
  • 19% off Barbell Apparel.
  • 33-60% off Paleovalley products.
  • 15% off Kettle and Fire bone broth.
  • 15% back on LMNT's salty electrolyte mix.
  • 35% back on Magic Spoon low-carb, high-protein breakfast cereal.
  • 35% off Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee.
  • 19% Off Ben Greenfield's Kion Products
  • 19% off OysterMax and other products from Marine Health Foods.
  • 17-23.5% off Seeking Health supplements and educational products.
  • 23.5% off Ancestral Supplements.
  • 19% off most of the almost 700 products in the Radiant Life catalog.
  • 12% off Wellness Mama's Wellnesse products.
  • 23.5% off Blublox sleep accessories.
  • Save between $162.18 and $389.68 on a chiliPAD, $164.27-$352.27 on an OOLER, and $56.81-$132.81 on a chiliBLANKET.
  • $250-$325 off a Harvest Green Organic Mattress.
  • 15% off Berkey water filters and accessories.
  • 5% off Abby's elderberry products.
  • Between $69.50 and $639 back on a Joovv red light phototherapy device, depending on the model.

You can sign up here:

Join the CMJ Masterpass!

Use the code WEBDISCOUNTS to get 10% off the membership fee for life.

Stay safe and healthy and save lots,

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