Tracking vaccine status is an entrypoint for tracking everything you do, say, and believe as a means of controlling your access to everything right down to your own money. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will likely be central mediators of this.

I explain it in this six-minute video:

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Here is a link to the original 6-minute discussion between Foster, Powell, and Yellen streamed live by CNBC.

Here is the 6-minute clip I made from it, which shows the full discussion.

Here is Snowden's article.

Here's Mastercard's own description of their Do Black credit card.

Here's the article on the man who stepped down from his position as Vice Chair of the University of British Columbia Board of Governors for liking the wrong tweet.

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  1. Thanks for all you do . I lived under communism dictatorship for 30 year and I see it coming here in front of our eyes.
    Wake up people.

  2. so glad you covered this…I feel the same about the whole thing

    anyway, I’ve been a longtime follower of your work ever since discovering Denise Minger’s blog and insights.
    When I talk health with my family I always say, “Chris has probably got something on the subject let me check” lol
    You’ve been a great help. thanks for being out there.

  3. I hope you don’t have a cell phone (I don’t), “they” can already track you with that. Not that I am disagreeing with you about “vaccine passports” but vaccine records have been used for a long time – I needed to be vaccinated to attend public schools beginning in the 1960s. I just hope that people will quietly keep working to ensure that religious and philosophical as well as medical exemptions are preserved, many of the most vocal people just sound batshit cray cray. I appreciate that YOU can speak intelligently and cite actual scientific research to support your arguments. I wish the media would interview YOU instead of the crazies who seem to get all the attention.

  4. Really? Is this the path you’re taking now – promoting conspiracy theories? There are plenty of people to do that and do it better. There are not many people that can match your work in nutrition science. Please don’t become Mike Lindell.

    Yes, we must remain vigilant to government overreach, intrusion, and tracking, but I’m not looking for that kind of information from your site.

    1. Conspiracy theory or simply pointing out a logical societal progression to raise awareness? The pandemic of the last 2 years should teach all of us how quickly we can descend into this type of dystopian society. One only needs to look no further than Australia’s ‘isolation camps’ where I’m sure nutrition science is the last thing on their minds right now!

  5. Oh, sweetie 🙁 I had no idea you’d gotten this bad. It’s heartbreaking to see someone I’ve known for so long mentally degenerating right before my eyes. I really hope you get the mental, physical, and emotional help you need. PLEASE seek professional help. Please! We’re your friends and we care about you. Sending you so much love 💗

  6. Chris, you provide the nutrition education we need to put our health into our own hands. We need to know that there is a plan well underway to put every aspect of our lives into the hands of others who do not wish us well. You are one of the truly good guys of these dark times. . Thank you for being out there. With respect, gratitude and appreciation, Maureen.

  7. I have great admiration for your nutritional knowledge, but I strongly disagree with your opening statement on this video. I believe it is factually false. Of course we should guard our individual, personal freedom from undue government interference. I would be very concerned if Trump gets elected in 2024. I would be very concerned if an Article V Constitutional Convention were called (not yet a possibility). Etcetera. But we are not yet Communist China with its surveillance state. And perhaps never will be.

  8. Thank you for speaking up about this. It is not easy to do and no doubt you will be hurt financially for it. I fully support you. I fully support everyone’s right to be able to choose to get this vaccine or not. We need to all speak up and out loudly right now.

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