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Health and Wellness Consultations with Chris Masterjohn, PhD

If you would like to work directly with me so I can help you figure out ways to improve your health and wellness, this is where you get started.

What I Can Do For You

I have a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, and I love teaching, helping, and empowering people. Here’s what I can do and would love to do for you:

  • Help you develop actionable priorities and an overall strategy for improving your health.
  • Discuss your experiences with you and suggest useful tests that you could ask your doctor about.
  • Analyze the results of genetic tests, digital food logs, and nutrient and blood measurements for markers of health and nutritional status. I can then use these analyses to suggest practical strategies that you could implement with proper supervision of a health care professional.

I am not a medical doctor or a health care practitioner, so here’s what I can’t do and what I can do instead:

  • I can’t order tests for you.
  • What I can do instead: suggest tests that your doctor can order and companies that will provide physician authorization signatures themselves.
  • I can’t diagnose you with a disease.
  • What I can do instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to look for diseases.
  • I can’t treat any disease you may have.
  • What I can do instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to prevent, mitigate, or treat a disease.
  • I can’t bill your insurance.
  • I will provide you with a receipt for your payment, but these consultations are not therapeutic in nature and your health insurance will not cover them.

I am passionate about helping you in the best way possible, so here’s what I won’t do and what I will do instead:

  • I won’t analyze your whole genome and give you a list of supplements to take or design your whole diet around your genome. Why? Because I don’t believe that this works, and I will only help you in ways I believe are truly effective.
  • What I will do instead: look at specific genes when we have good reason to believe looking at them would help you meet your health goals. When used in a targeted way as part of the bigger picture, this can be very useful.
  • I won’t sell you supplements or give you advice that directly earns me a commission.
  • What I will do instead: discuss supplements and dietary approaches that might be useful, and help you decide what would be the most cost-effective options to meet your goals.

How It Works

I offer two ways of working together: hourly consultations, and health and wellness packages. In both cases, consultations take place on your choice of phone or video chat. If you want me to, I will record the call and share the recording with you for your records.

In an hourly consultation, you book a consultation of a length of your choosing, and I bill you for the time we use once the consultation is over. If you provide data for me to analyze, I either analyze it on the call, or I ask you to authorize me to spend a specific amount of time looking at it before the call. Either way, I bill you directly for the time spent on the analysis. We discuss your primary goals at the beginning of the call, and we spend it trying to achieve those goals. If you want me to, I will record the call and share the audio file with you. You decide whether and when to book a followup and come back to this page to do so whenever you are ready. 

In a health and wellness package, we develop a more defined, longer-term relationship. You fill out a questionnaire about your health goals, schedule six one-hour sessions, and pay an upfront fee covering the whole package all at once. We develop a strategy to use the six sessions in whatever way best meets your goals. In between sessions, I will offer you email support and analyze any data or do any research that we mutually agree is relevant. This way, any analysis is already done by the time we have our meeting and we can focus on the things that are best discussed on a call. 

What It Costs

Hourly consultations are $200 per hour. Health and wellness packages are a one-time upfront fee of $1000.

How to Choose Between Hourly Consultations and a Health and Wellness Package

The main benefits of hourly consultations are the flexibility and the low upfront cost of the pay-as-you-go arrangement. I recommend this option for you if you cannot afford the upfront cost of the package. I also recommend this if you are at a crossroads where you believe one or two hours could help you achieve key insights that will help you begin making progress on your own without any further help.

The main benefits of the health and wellness packages are as follows:

  • Six one-hour consultations would cost $1200 when billed hourly, but only cost $1000 in the package, saving you $200.
  • You save even more on data analysis that I do outside the call. Depending on the amount of data you have, this could amount to several hundreds of dollars in savings.
  • You get email support between sessions that isn’t included in the hourly rate.
  • The long-term relationship allows me to help you with motivation and accountability.

The table below compares and contrasts the features of each plan:

You can sign up below, or skip to the frequently asked questions first.

Sign Up For a Health and Wellness Package Now

To sign up for a health and wellness package, please fill out this form:

The form will take you an initial questionnaire about your health goals, your agreement to the terms of service, and your payment all in one fell swoop. Then it will send you to a “getting started” page that will give you instructions on how to schedule your six sessions and prepare for your first session.

The form allows payment with a credit or debit card. If you would like to use your PayPal account to pay, please use this form instead.

Schedule an Hourly Consultation Now

To schedule an hourly consultation, first read the terms of service, and then fill out this form:

I look forward to working with you!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About the Health and Wellness Packages

  • Do I have to schedule my sessions now, or can I schedule my sessions later?

The form was originally set up so that you had to schedule your sessions first. However, it has now been changed so that you fill out the questionnaire and pay now and schedule the sessions later. Nevertheless, I recommend scheduling immediately after payment because there is no risk to doing so (as described below, you can always reschedule later) and the earlier you schedule the more choices you will have.

  • Why do I have to choose all six dates at once? What if my schedule changes?

Once you schedule your sessions, you have to schedule all six at once. The scheduling software will treat them all as a package, which makes them easier to keep organized. Scheduling all six right after or soon after signing up also helps keep the availability pool within the booking form accurate, which prevents disappointing and frustrating lack of availability from surprising you in the future.

Not to worry! While you cannot cancel any of the six sessions, you can reschedule them at any time at no charge to you. Rescheduling is really easy. Once you book your package, you will be emailed a link from which you can reschedule your session through the same exact process you used to schedule it in the first place. If you use a smartphone calendar, it’s even easier. If you accept the calendar invite, the session will automatically appear in your phone calendar, and you can simply click on the event within your calendar to access the rescheduling link.

  • Can you provide a family plan?

Absolutely. Although I don’t offer any special pricing for family plans, you can use the Health and Wellness Package as a family plan. Simply explain in the initial questionnaire that there are multiple family members who will use the service, who they are, and answer the questions for each family member.

  • Can you substitute an extensive email analysis for a one-on-one phone or video session?

The health and wellness packages offer email support between sessions. I don’t recommend replacing the one-on-one sessions with additional email analysis because there is a lot of value to meeting face to face or ear to ear. However, on a case-by-case basis if we mutually agree it makes sense, we can define a specific amount of analytical work to be shared by email that will substitute for one of the one-on-one sessions. I do not offer this for hourly consultations.

  • If my schedule doesn’t fit the slots available in the calendar, are you flexible with other days?

Currently I can only commit to the slots that are in the calendar. They are designed to offer a lot of flexibility for time of day across time zones, but to block off consistent time during the rest of the week for deep work on creative projects and for other commitments that I have. You should not sign up for a health and wellness package unless you are reasonably confident that you can meet the appointments you book, and that if you reschedule, you will be able to meet appointments that begin between 10 AM and 8 PM New York time on Mondays.

You can check how this translates into your own time zone using World Time Buddy. Please note, however, that the scheduling software does the time zone translation for us automatically and speaks to you in your own time zone.

  • Can we discuss diseases if we reframe our language in terms of physiological conditions?

We can discuss diseases and we don’t need to avoid mentioning the word disease or the names of specific diseases. We need to agree clearly that I am not offering diagnosis, treatment, or treatment advice. However, I can provide you with an education about what I believe are the causes, ways to look for, and ways to prevent or treat diseases, and I can recommend you discuss specific possibilities with your doctor.

  • Can you suggest specific providers for specific lab tests?

Yes. Sometimes I will know the best option and sometimes it will require some research on my part to figure out the cost-benefit analysis and logistics associated with specific providers. I offer research between sessions for the health and wellness packages, but not for the hourly consultations.

  • Can you analyze stool tests?

I am familiar with stool tests but I would not place them within my current primary areas of expertise. I may be able to provide valuable insights but I would not schedule a package if this is the only thing you wish to discuss.

  • Can I ask you for career advice?

Sure! As long as we agree that I am not liable for the consequences of your career choices, and as long as you recognize that I am not an expert in career counseling, I’m happy to talk to you about career choices for as long as you want.

Satisfied with these answers?

Still have a question? You can email me at chris {at} chrismasterjohnphd {dot} com. Hope to talk to you soon!