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I am currently taking time off from finishing my book to devote my analytical skills to critical questions around COVID risks, vaccine safety and efficacy, and the full spectrum of vaccine alternatives, due to the imminent massive job loss occurring as a result of vaccine mandates. If you would like to support me doing this work you can make a donation in any amount at or support my work in many other ways listed at

When I finish these critical contributions I will move back to finishing my book, which has no release date yet but can be pre-ordered here. Until I finish my book, I do not have much time to respond to individual questions and cannot promise any answers. However, if you ask your question on social media, I may select it for an answer on YouTube live, which I do a few times a week if I can find the time.

Additionally, most months CMJ Masterpass members have the opportunity to ask questions in a live 2-hour Q&A. If you join and participate, you will get your question answered.

If you have a specific question on vitamins and minerals or on essential fatty acids, there's a good chance you can find the answer in my Vitamins and Minerals 101 Cliff Notes, so please purchase a copy for $2.99 if you haven't done so yet.

Technical Support and Product/Service Questions

For technical support, or for a question about purchasing a product or service I offer, please email my support team by adding “support” and “@” to the domain of my web site.

Please do not email my support team with specific questions about health and nutrition. Please save these questions for social media, Masterpass Q&As, or consultations.

Once I finish my book, I will be more available. I look forward to getting it into your hands and being more present out in the world!