My Speech (and Full Footage!) at the Nov 20th NYC World Wide Rally for Freedom

The World Wide Rally for Freedom is a globally organized protest against vaccine mandates and more broadly for these five freedoms:

  • freedom of speech
  • freedom of movement
  • freedom of choice
  • freedom of assembly
  • freedom of health

Here's my speech at the November 20th demonstration in New York City:

You can also watch it on Instagram.

Below you can find some of my favorite clips, as well as the four hours of unedited footage.

Highlights From the March and Vigil

You can also watch it on Instagram.


There are plenty more speeches in the full footage (Parts 1 and 2), but here are three I've selected.

Civil Rights Attorney Tricia Lindsey:

NYU Media Studies Professor Mark Crispin Miller:

Feminist and Political Strategist Naomi Wolf:

Unedited Footage

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

More Information, Support, Donate

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Visit New York Freedom Rally's new web site at

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For the present time, I am taking time off from finishing the book to devote my analytical skills to critical questions around C risks, V safety and efficacy, and the full spectrum of V alternatives, due to the imminent massive job loss occurring as a result of V mandates. If you would like to support me doing this work you can also make a donation in any amount at or support my work in many other ways listed at

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  1. Hey Chris! I have been following you for years regarding diet nutrition, nutrient density, Paleo diet etc. I have loved you for years! I cannot even express to you the love that I have for you now that you are becoming an activist for vaccine choice and true science and reason! I am trying to fight here in Nevada for freedom of choice and parental rights. Let me know if you are headed this way anytime soon!

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