How You Can Support My Work

Here are various ways to support my work, including no extra cost to you, and ranging from $2.99 to larger price tags:

Any of these can be purchased for yourself or someone else, and can be purchased in multiples.

Thank you so much for your support!

I wish you and your family health and safety during this difficult time,



Note: While I earn commissions if you use these links to buy these products at no extra cost to you, if you join the CMJ Masterpass I give the commissions back to you in full. If you use these products regularly you will absolutely save more than you possibly could anywhere else by signing up for the CMJ Masterpass and participating in my rebate program.

iHerb.Com Many brands of supplements.

SaunaSpace. Home saunas and accessories.

Perfect Keto. Ketosis-friendly bars, MCT powders, exogenous ketones, and supplements.

Just Thrive. Spore-based probiotics for skin and gut health, and vitamin K2 as MK-7.

Dr. Cowan's Garden. Mineral-rich veggies as easy-to-consume powders with close to no prep time and minimal kitchen cleanup.

Paleovalley. I use their whole-food vitamin C at one capsule a day, and I take 4 capsules of the Grass-Fed Organ Complex on days I don't get fresh organs into my diet. Their Grass-Fed Beef Sticks are my absolute favorite meat snack of all time.

Wellnesse. I use Wellness Mama's toothpaste every day.

Barbell Apparel. They started “athletic fit.” My favorite T-shirts are Barbell.

Four Sigmatic. Mushroom coffee that lights up your brain in the morning.

Kion. Ben Greenfield's coffee, supplements, and healthy snacks.

LMNT. The saltiest electrolyte drink on the market. Great hangover cures, athletes who sweat a lot, people with low dopamine (low motivation, low energy, low focus, easy distraction), and people who seem to poorly absorb or hang on to nutrients. Also great when plain water seems to go in one end and immediately out the other.

ChiliPAD or OOLER. Sleep deeper and feel more rested by staying cool through the night.

Blublox. The blue-blocking glasses I use at night to get better sleep.

Seeking Health. One of my preferred brands of supplements, and StrateGene, the only third party genetic report I use regularly.

Ancestral Supplements. Organ meats made easy, by putting them into capsules.

Abby's Elderberry. They offer syrups with natural sweeteners or with glycerin for a no-added-sugars option.

OysterMax. The simplest way to get in an oyster or two a day, by far and away the best way to get zinc.

US Wellness meats. The original grass-fed.

North Star Bison. Grass-fed bison, and the best fresh liver I've ever found.

White Oak Pastures. Low-histamine, grass-fed, zero-waste, negative-carbon-footprint meats. Incredibly dedicated to animal welfare and the environment. I love their “paleo ground beef,” pan-fried and heavily seasoned with taco seasoning as a tasty way to get organ meats into my diet.

Vital Choice seafood. Good salmon is hard to find. Here it is.

Berkey Water Filters. I personally use the Travel Berkey, souped up with the fluoride filters.

Joovv red light phototherapy devices. I'll be testing their effect on my testosterone levels soon.

Magic Spoon breakfast cereal. High-protein, low-carb breakfast cereal with the nostalgic ring of your favorite childhood flavors. One of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2019.

Pique Tea. Premium teas, with the convenience of crystals and without the plastics of tea bags.