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Concerned about kidney stones? Here are ten things you can do to naturally protect yourself.

Believe it or not, calcium is protective. But there is far more. Watch the video to learn all about it.

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  1. I thought it wasn’t safe to consume calcium supplements due to heart disease/attack risk? I would be very wary of taking any calcium, I have in the past and often had chest pain sometime after. I’ve never taken them since. I do take magnesium citrate, zinc and vit D3 in the winter. For calcium, I stick to spring greens/collard greens, sardines, ready brek, kale, wild canned salmon etc. with minimal dairy (mainly K2 cheeses). And I will absolutely NEVER touch spinach again after severe oxalate crystals in my toes which turned them black and blue! I am amazed I didn’t get kidney stones, I think the magnesium and B vitamins saved me!

    My only question is, how much gelatin is safe? I buy 12g Dr Oetker sachets, and I use a part of 1 sachet to mix up some jelly (say a quarter or third of a sachet so about 3-4g). Is this a safe amount? Thx

  2. What about oxalate crystals in other places? I’m reading they disappear in biopsies within 2 hours exvivo. Reports of crystals and an immune response to them are mentioned in thyroid, aorta and joint capsules. Also precipitated crystals are found in these tissues when urine levels are not elevated. I’m wondering if this might be a causative explanation for carpal tunnel syndrome. There are reports of “curing” arthritis with B6 and presumably this is due to its effect on endogenous oxalate. Also I see references to fungal overgrowth and leaky bowel in connection with oxalate. I got onto this when I learned that it may be elevated due to oxidative stress.

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