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If you have negative reactions to MSG, slowly cooked protein, pressure cooked protein, or fermented foods, you might have glutamate sensitivity. If you have a neurological or psychiatric condition (anxiety, sleep disorders, epilepsy are all examples), you might have glutamate dominance.

In a previous episode, I discussed the possibility that oxaloacetate supplementation could help. In this episode, I discuss five more things to try: GABA, glycine, vitamin B6, magnesium, and electrolytes (salt and potassium-rich foods).

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  1. In my case glutamine is kriptonite, also whey, hydrolized collagen,…
    I tried gaba but it seems that people with glutamate sensitivity may have the reverse way enhanced from gaba to glutamate. Tried with b6, no result
    Also tried with glycine Mg and it worsens symptoms. 🙁
    Histamine intolerance also in the scene . Any other suggestion?

    1. try to use ascorbic acid as mentiened in and I think copper can be of interest here, regarding histamine. monosulphonylmethane MSM with ascoribic is a nice combo under histamine related problems.. all the other things to check is that the D25 is there pth start to decrease and that zinc/copper is ok… if headache by msm put in molybdenium. Often one has to add in other deeper whole forrest perspectives to get this going whole the way.. that is what we does.

      team antipharma

  2. Hi, I was taking L-Glutamine for 10 days (aprox 2.5 grams dose), with a permanent headache until I realized that this suplement was the culprit. Also one of these days I fell like a small explosion inside my head. I am afraid that this continued headache and the explosion could have produced som kind of brain damage, killed some neurons.
    I am afraid now, do I need to worry?
    After I quit the supplement, it will clean or I need to do something? There is a little headache still. Located in the right side of my head.
    Bone broth also has high glutamine levels, and in that case its not recommended for me?
    Glutamate sensitivity is something to be solved, or just I have to avoid most sources of this aminoacid?


  3. I am extremely glutimate intolerant but also very deficient in glutathione which needs a form of glutimate to be manufactured in the body . “Rexuced glutathione” supplements near killed me tho. Ditto glutimine. I think my body levels of glycine are fine based on urinary AA testing. I tale taurine for a taurine deviciency. But what can a person do to increase glutathione when they tolerate one of the three compenents (glutimic acid) needed for glutathione production? Thanks

  4. Any ideas on correcting this on a root cause level? My son has had trouble with MSG for years (can’t sleep). This has just resulted in him having to drop out of ROTC because he went to training camp this past weekend where they fed them MREs and something in it (prob MSG) made him so messed up he could not sleep but one hour, if that. Then, trying to exercise boot-camp style was increasingly impossible. After 3 days, he could not even eat the MRE – his body was rejecting it. He is so devastated. Weird thing is, he has been begging for Chinese food for days, like he is craving it. Ugh. I need to help him become unhindered so he can be successful. Starts University of Memphis Monday.

    We have already been on B-6 and magnesium. Glycine makes him severely constipated – like sit on the pot for 2 hours. We will work on GABA and potassium, but are these root cause fixes, or survival band aids? (BTW-We are the family who can’t tolerate sea salt or mineral water without anxiety.)

  5. Hi Chris,
    I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I would wake up in the middle of the night to pee, then experience very shallow, restless sleep till morning (doesn’t affect my productivity though), and I have noticed quite the opposite than improved sleep with magnesium glycinate supplementation with even smaller doses than you recommend.
    I haven’t tested magnesium levels as you suggest in your Cheat Sheet (excellent product by the way), but after inputting my food list into Cronometer, it showed about 500mg per day, so I assume Magnesium isn’t an issue with me.
    I am not sure if increasing carb intake is a great idea with me (currently eating about 200-250 grams daily), since more than that, devided in my three daily meals affects my energy levels.
    According to your Cheat Sheet, signs and symptoms of excessive methylation seems to describe me precisely (except the substance abuse & faster ageing skin).
    So, do you you think I should try to supplement with glycine first (regarding the possible excessive methylation), or GABA?
    Thank you

  6. A diet high in starch (rice), magnesium (greens), glycine(collagen and broth), and electrolytes (coconut water and other fruits and vegetables) sounds a lot like any traditional Asian diet. Maybe why glutamate/MSG sensitivity is kind of an American thing. Our diets are so deficient

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