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Calcium supplementation is controversial. Some people believe that supplements, but not calcium-rich foods, can increase the risk of heart disease. Here are my recommendations for calcium supplementation to make it as close to eating whole foods as possible.

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  1. I’m ordering your recommended supplement for my 2 year 9 month old daughter who broke her femur last week. She drink raw cow’s milk most days, but she’s stubborn so some days will drink only 4-8 ounces other days more or less. How much of the bone meal powder should I give her? She weighs 35 pounds. I’m thinking to give her 1/2 teaspoon which is half an adult dose.

  2. Chris – do you think there’s danger of BSE/Mad Cow from bone meal powder like the one from Traditional Foods?

  3. Hi Chris,

    My husband and I are taking Ancestral Supplements beef liver (b/c we just can’t do stomach eating it, tried/failed). We have just begun taking this additional
    and we heard that we should be taking calcium with it. Is this correct? and if so how much of the bone meal calcium would be sufficient with the D3/K2 supplement?

    Thank you in advance for your input.

    1. You don’t have to take them at the same time, but you do need to have enough Ca in your diet regardless. Yes you can use bone meal.

  4. My P.A. just told me about you yesterday. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. I’ve been on and off steroids for 30 years to battle it. I’m currently 61. At the age of 42 after a severe burst fracture of my L1, I had a Dexa scan. My rheumatologist told me I had the bones of a 101 yr old woman. That was in 2000. I tried Fosomax but it made me feel too sick and at the time, had to take it daily. I can’t afford Forteo injections which aren’t covered under my insurance. I’ve been told by my rheumatologist that I have a lot of calcium in my blood but the tests for my Parathyroid seem to be ok. At any rate they tell me not to take Calcium. Since learning of the Osteoporosis I’ve broken 2 other vertebrae, my wrist twice, and 3 ribs. If I were your mother, what would you recommend I take? I make protein shakes with Coconut milk.

  5. I did buy a bottle of this, but when I went to buy it again, No One has it in stock. I hope it will still be made…

    Do you think it is safe to get all your recommended 1000 mg/day of calcium from it? Trying to make my own robot diet without dairy (allergic) or daily canned fish with bones (expensive). Thank you!!

    1. Yes, though it’s better to increase natural food calcium so you don’t have to use it for all of it. Definitely spread it throughout all meals though.

  6. Hi Chris —. Do you know what the mineral profile is on this ? I’ve been looking for the percent calcium , percent magnesium ,etc. I can find that info anywhere.

    Also , I like the idea of dried fish bones. I wonder if those are sold anywhere ? I see algae calcium supps. I wonder if those have the same profile as fish bones.

    Thank you.

  7. I am interested in your thoughts regarding K2 supplements. Many women are prescribed 500mg of calcium daily to prevent osteoporosis, but research indicates that without K2 the calcium is going to the arteries and causing heart attacks.

  8. I have recently been grinding up dried egg shells and eating that. Seen plenty of recommendations online about this, as it is just calcium carbonate.

    What’s your thoughts on egg shells, Chris? Theyre certainly a much cheaper alternative to bone meal.

    1. I think that can be good, although it’s calcium carbonate rather than phosphate and it presumably has lower bioavailability when consumed by someone with low stomach acid.

      1. Hello Chris,
        I am interested what do you thing about supplementing with Egg shells in the following way, I ground the eggshesls and then add vinegar to them and leave them for 10 / 15 min, so I end up with calcium acetate, would that be a better option. What would be the bioavailability and is it save to use it ?

  9. Why not just eat bones?
    Fish and poultry are easy, but even pork and some smaller bits of beef bones are soft enough to chew after awhile in the stockpot. ‘(:

  10. Hi Chris,
    is there a difference between Calcium MCHA and a bone meal powder?
    I’ve been taking Pure Encapsulation MCHA Calcium to bring my PTH down with a success.

  11. Hi Chris, is there a product of similar quality that is sold in Europe? The one that you mentioned doesn’t seem to be available here, not even through Amazon.

  12. Isn’t it necessary to supplement with k2 when supplementing with calcium? I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and have been taking Bone restore from life extensions for about a year along with beefing up my gym routines and making a fe dietary changes.. I haven’t been retested yet but want to make sure before I make the switch , should k2 supplementation should be part of the mix? Thanks for all of your great info!

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