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Why You Probably Don’t Need to Care About Avoiding Iron-Rich Foods

A lot of people seem to think that they should avoid iron-rich foods, even if they have no reason to believe they have a genetic predisposition to iron overload. In this video, I show you why this is ridiculous. I *do* have a genetic predisposition to iron overload, and I consume over 5 times the daily value for iron, including 10 ounces of red meat, and my iron status is kept on the low end of the physiologically healthy range by donating blood about once a year. Watch the video to see the numbers!

In the video, I reference this previous episode on looking up your genetics for iron overload:

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  1. Hello dr Masterjohn
    I’m a 25 -year- old guy who is diagnosed with H63D homozygous .
    My initial ferritin was 340 and T.S was 57% after one session phlebotomy my ferritin decreased to 240 and T.S became 48% and Hb = 16
    Now I’d like to know what must be the target of my ferritin and T.S and Hemoglobin (especifically for H63D patients) for having a normal life expectancy?
    BTW I’ve restricted my diet and I eat red meat 2 days a week in small portions, I wanna know is it really necessary for a H63D homozygous patient?
    Please answer me dr .

  2. Thanks for the information, Chris. I am also genetically predisposed to iron overload, but I didn’t know it until I started having symptoms (including an irregular heartbeat), and I had my ferritin checked. It was 480, and the transferrin saturation was way too high also, so I knew that was the source of the problem. Donating blood 3 or 4 times finally worked for me, and now I donate blood at least 2-3 times annually, as I never want to have a recurrence of the symptoms I had, as they were not pleasant. My ferritin was about 60 at the last check. Some people with iron overload cannot donate blood, though (for various reasons)………do you have any suggestions for them, as to how to reduce ferritin? I know there are chelators (IP6 is one), but are they really effective? Thanks.

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