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Many people have asked me what I think about blood tests for food allergies. In this episode, I explain.

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  1. I had such blood tests over a period of 4 years from several different companies and several different doctors. In the end, I concluded that I showed “allergic” to whatever I had eaten in the past 2-3 days and it was basically an indication of leaky gut. Off gluten after several years now, and away from mold (my principle trigger for an inflammatory immune response) I am fine and eat everything except gluten with very few G.I issues. Only fibrous vegetables seem to create a gut-based allergic response — yet these foods, ironically, never showed up on a single blood test. Nor in fact did gluten/wheat!
    Nonetheless I thinnk there is a place for them when people have mysterious problems; it can be beneficial to remove them all to see if the symptoms disappear, which they sometimes do in conditions as diverse as rheumatoid arthritis and Chronic Fatigue syndrome/ME.

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