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Wondering what the best way is to supplement with zinc?

This episode covers what kind to take, what dose, when to take it, how often, with what foods or on an empty stomach, and of course how to know if you should be supplementing.

My preferred zinc supplement for most people is Jarrow Zinc Balance. You can use one of these two links to generate a commission to support my work at no extra cost to you.



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  1. Didn’t the people in the four observations use Zinc lozenges, rather than capsules? Seems to me the lozenges would treat the throat area. Do you also recommend lozenges? If so, which ones?

  2. Chris, do you still feel like the Jarrow Zinc Balance is your preferred zinc/copper formula?

    I stopped using that formula with my patients because it uses copper gluconate which I’ve always thought was a poorly absorbed form.

    Any studies on bio availability of copper glycinate vs. copper gluconate?

  3. Hello Chris

    Do you know if the amino acid chelate form is good or not?

    Thank you for for amazing work.

  4. Hi,

    When you say to take 10mg of Zinc, do you mean 10mg of elemental zinc or a total 10mg including the chelater (i.e the total mg stated on the bottle)?

    Thanks so much

  5. Hi Chris
    I always seem to get a reduction in sex drive when I take zinc, including the Jarrow version. I also take 2-3g of vit C/day which I have done for 30 years as it cleared up my poor healing and stopped some acne I used to have.
    Do you think it’s related to Cu deficiency?

  6. Carlson sells a 15 mg tablet of the gluconate version that you can break in half pretty easily… i.e approximately the ideal 7 mg dose

    1. I’m aware of its use for the gut but don’t know if it’s good at improving systemic zinc status.

    1. I don’t know if it’s good, but why bother when there are better-studied forms that are good?

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