Is the sugar in Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Acetate lozenges a problem? | Masterjohn Q&A Files #136

Question: Is the sugar in Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Acetate lozenges a problem?

In that kind of protocol attuned to the progress of the potential cold, I find no alternative is more effective than the zinc acetate lozenges. And so, therefore, I'm willing to consume 40 or 60 grams of sugar for like 1 day or 2 days and then have it taper off granted— I might have a totally different attitude if I had diabetes. But from a cost-benefit analysis, I don't think consuming 40 grams of sugar once for a healthy person is going to cause any permanent damage. It's not the ideal thing, but the problem is that all the alternative zinc lozenges have generally involved factors that decrease the zinc ionization in the mouth.


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