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Kresser/Kahn Vegan Debate: My Post-Game Analysis

Kresser/Kahn Vegan Debate: My Post-Game Analysis

Chris Kresser just debated vegan cardiologist Joel Kahn about veganism and the value of animal products in the diet on Joe Rogan’s wildly popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. I just spend days making a post-game analysis, which you can watch here: or with this link: Kresser/Kahn Vegan Debate on Joe Rogan: My Post-Game Analysis …

Chris Masterjohn, PhD. shares about Balancing Methionine and Glycine in Foods: The Database

Balancing Methionine and Glycine in Foods: The Database

Methionine and glycine are two amino acids found in the foods we eat that can have an enormous impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Both of them are needed to protect our tissues from wear and tear as we age, to help us heal well when we get injured, and to prevent degenerative …

How to Not Get a Cold This Winter

Don’t Get Sick This Winter!

Sign up here for my free guide on how to not get sick this winter! It covers supplements, diet, and lifestyle, with both a buying guide for supplements and a practical step-by-step protocol for implementation, including prevention, killing a cold at its first sign, and a backup plan to throw everything at it if needed.

Are You Coming to Wise Traditions?

Are you coming to Wise Traditions 2017? It’s in Mineapolis, with some pregame events beginning on Thursday, November 9th and the main conference running from Friday, November 10th through Monday, November 13th. I’m excited to see friends like Ben Greenfield and Laura Schoenfeld, to meet many other people I know only through the internet, and to spend some face-to-face …