Chris Masterjohn, PhD shared About Life After Academia in a conversation With Guillermo Ruiz

Life After Academia With Guillermo Ruiz

Chris Masterjohn, PhD shared About Life After Academia in a conversation With Guillermo Ruiz

Gullermo Ruiz of 3030Strong, a rising soon-to-be ND in the ancestral health community, interviewed me about my decision to leave academia and what I'll be doing to bring you value come January. Since the roots of this decision lie deep in self-reflection, we trace the story all the way back to the struggles I had in elementary school and high school, and my experience “unschooling” as a teen. Then we get into the key factors that made me do all the self-reflection and make the big decision and the things that motivate me and inspire me going forward. We conclude by getting into the nitty gritty practical aspects of exactly what I'll be doing when I fully transition to self-employment.

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Chris Masterjohn and Guillermo Ruiz at Paleo f(x)
Guillermo and Chris at Paleo f(x) — Click the Picture to View it on Instagram!
Chris Masterjohn, PhD, leaving academia
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Chris Masterjohn's 10th grade English Class Progress Report
From my tenth grade English class progress report. Click the picture to view it on Instagram!
Peter Drucker on Courage
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The above quote is very relevant to the decisions I've made discussed in this episode, and it comes from Peter Drucker's 1967 management classic, The Effective Executive.

Show Notes for Episode 28

In episode 28, you can find all the following and more:

  •   00:07:35      Introduction
  •   00:13:50      Meet Guillermo
  •   00:17:15       Teaching facts versus teaching skills
  •   00:25:55      Good reasons, ok reasons, and terrible reasons to get a PhD
  •   00:34:15      The broken education system
  •   00:37:45      My experience in elementary school
  •   00:41:30      My experience in high school
  •   00:47:10      The mismatch between ADHD and school
  •   00:50:55      Industrialization and the rise modern schooling
  •   00:53:55      My experience unschooling
  •   01:01:58      Diversity of educational opportunities is the key to maximizing the potential to thrive
  •   01:05:18      How I got involved in the Weston A. Price Foundation and wound up with a PhD
  •   01:16:25      Solving new problems, teaching new solutions, and scaling the teaching feels creative, and it's very different from repetitively teaching what is established in a traditional classroom.
  •   01:23:10     The 20th century fragmentation of science and the 21st century rise of systems thinking and systems biology
  •   01:26:40    My business model going forward
  •   01:36:20    How Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me to put myself out of business
  •   01:37:30    Making my health information more accessible
  •   01:41:28     Who are my consulting clients?
  •   01:45:10     Inspiration and motivation
  •   01:48:30    Making the big decision
  •   01:57:00    Wrapping up, and what we had for breakfast
  •   02:02:55   Where to find Guillermo

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  1. Love to hear the life-hack sort of things you do! Like the use of Schedule Once. As a fellow listener of Tim Ferriss/Gary Vaynerchuk/Chase Jarvis/David Allen/Dan Pardi what other tools do you use for automating and getting more done?

    Also, any plans to add a forum to the website?

    BTW, there’s a great audio/book on the methodology of science by David Deutsch ‘Beginning of Infinity’)

    1. Hi Ben,

      Good question! Perhaps I’ll write a “tools I use” post. However, I think after producing lots of epic content in 2017 people will be more interested in reading what I used to get it all done.

      No plans for a forum. Thanks for the book rec! I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m up for buying audio books.


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