Best formula and dosage of no-carb electrolytes to take at night to optimize sleep, especially after sauna use | Masterjohn Q&A Files #14

Question: “Which brand and dosage of no-carb electrolytes would you take at night to optimize sleep, especially after sauna use?”

I would drink a bottle of Gerolsteiner, and I would add to it 100 milligrams of any kind of magnesium: citrate, glycinate, malate, those three are fine. And I would add to it 400 milligrams of potassium citrate, or bicarbonate if it's an empty stomach.

You say no-carb. Because of the potassium, I personally would take maybe like a teaspoon of honey with this. I would also take some salt. Let's say a half a teaspoon, to a teaspoon of salt with it. The caveat being if you’re sodium sensitive you should be mindful not to overdo it. If you know you don't have a problem with salt and blood pressure, then I would recommend adding the sodium to the mix. 

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