As we look forward with hope and determination toward a wonderful 2022, let us first briefly look back on the best of 2021.

Here I'm posting the ten most popular posts on my web site from the last year. Perhaps it's worth revisiting one of these if you've forgotten them, or maybe this will draw your attention to something critical you may have missed.

10. Omega-3 Fatty Acids and COVID

This article covers the randomized controlled trial evidence suggesting that omega-3 fatty acids, and perhaps one or two servings of fatty fish per week, hasten recovery in mild COVID cases and improve survival among ICU patients 6-fold.

9. The Real Reason for Vaccine Passports

I got a lot of hate mail for this one, but it's the truth. I considered calling it, “It's not a conspiracy if they do it out in the open.” It's not conspiracy; it's policy. (Not that it matters since something being a “conspiracy theory” just means it's a theory about conspiracies, and conspiracies exist, so such a label does not detract from an idea's credibility in any way whatsoever.) Vaccine passports are an entry point into a global digital ID tied to a centralized digital currency where your income, taxation, stimulus payments, credit score, and interest rate will be tied to your behavior and your obedience to the behavioral goals of those governing the currency.

8. Start Here for MTHFR and Methylation

An enduring classic, this is home to my MTHFR protocol. The title says it all.

7. COVID Vaccines: In Search of All-Cause Mortality

In the US, all-cause mortality data is being hidden by the CDC, and bizarre substitutes for it are being paraded out to support completely non-sensical findings in MMWR. In England, there is much more comprehensive data that suggests the vaccines increased mortality in those under 60, and had a short-lived mortality benefit in those over 60 that spent the year disappearing such that now it is likely breaking even. Nevertheless, the English data have some problems, especially that everyone under 60 is grouped together. Suffice it to say, there is no high-quality all-cause mortality data anywhere to be found, but what we have doesn't look good. A good companion to this that didn't make it into the top ten is its immediate followup, Did the Pfizer Trial Show the Vaccine Increases Heart Disease Deaths?

6. The Ultimate Vitamin K2 Resource

An enduring classic, this is home to everything you will ever need to know about vitamin K2, the most underrated vitamin of all.

5. The New CDC Study on Natural Immunity

This is a critical analysis of the CDC paper claiming that vaccination is five times more protective against COVID than prior infection. While not a “new study” anymore, this post is still up to date. What's most remarkable in it is the suggestion that there is an epidemic of hospitalizations for PCR-negative COVID-like illness primarily afflicting fully vaccinated people.

4. Natural Immunity Vs. Vaccination

In contrast to that CDC study, this review of the evidence on natural immunity vs vaccination suggests natural immunity is consistently equal to or better than vaccination, more robust to variants, and longer-lasting. In some contexts, it is wildly superior.

3. Vitamin D and COVID-19

A comprehensive review of 173 studies making it extremely clear that vitamin D is protective.

2. What is the Best Dose of Zinc for COVID-19 Prevention?

The most comprehensive attempt to answer this question you will find anywhere, this article was written in April, 2020 yet remained the #2 most popular article on my site in 2021. The state of the evidence has not changed in any meaningful sense so this article is still up to date.

1. The One Amino Acid That Could Cure COVID

By far and away the most popular post of 2021, this article on the treatment of severe COVID-19 with L-arginine remains the most important to read, study, and share. This article remains up to date as there currently is no new evidence. What we have suggests that even in people with severe respiratory symptoms and a high risk of death, properly deployed L-arginine can dramatically hasten improvement and might eliminate or greatly reduce the risk of death.

Happy New Year!

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