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Values are reported as μg/100g food for solids or μg/100 ml food for liquids.

Baltic Herring Fish

Shrimp (cooked and canned)

Oysters (average of two samples)

Heart, Pork

Hare Leg

Whitefish Roe (average of two samples)

Raw Human Milk

Cotton Tofu (hard-type)

Silken Tofu (soft-type)


Blue Cheese (average of four samples)

Cheddar Cheese (hardC-Ched, average of six samples)

Leicester Cheese (hardC-lei)

Semi-Hard Cheese (average of 11 samples)

Soft Cheese (average of seven samples)

Caerphilly Cheese (hardC-caer)

Cheshire Cheese (hardC-ches)

Mesophilic Fermented Milk (average of 21 samples)

Hikiwari Natto (chopped natto)

Black Bean Natto